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In 1960, Late Haji Sakhi inaugurated the very first Al-Haj companies at Jamrud Khyber Agency in Peshawar. Initially, Al-Haj was focused on trading purposes, which includes the trading of electronic goods, tires, logistics, textiles, and leasing. Al-Haj then expanded its lines of business to include the Assembling of LCV, HCV & imports of Passenger vehicles & Al-Haj Foundry & Oil Exploration.

Al-Haj Automotive (Pvt.) Ltd.

NTN : 5125111-7

STRN : 327787616813

Chairman Al-Haj Group has commenced its journey under the leadership of Haji Shah Jee Gul with the highly qualified and self-driven core team, which has shown a very strong focus on employee satisfaction, products, and global customer service. To increase reliability, the highly experienced management has introduced improvement and innovation in products. With our continuous success in meeting the international standards and the continuous innovation and up-gradation, we are now focused on creating a benchmark in Pakistan.

The first production of Al-Haj automotive was launched in 2006 and luckily it has received an overwhelming response from the public. Since that time, Al-Haj has been recognized as one of the most reliable names in Pakistan’s Automotive Industry.

On 29th August 2019, the Al-Haj Automotive Private Limited signed the agreement with the PROTON automotive maker of Malaysia as its Exclusive Authorized Distributor and also the Assemblers of PROTON vehicles in Pakistan.


1. RASCH (Private) Lmited

The logistic company of Al-Haj is “RASCH”. RASCH is also one of the logistics partners of leading multinational and larg oil marketing companies which includes Total, Pakistan State Oil (PSO), Shell, and Chevron.

2. AL-HAJ Enterprises (Private) Limited

In the Oil & Gas Industry, Al-Haj Enterprise Limited is an emerging Exploration and Production Company. It has brought the Premium Oil Pakistan Holdings BV, which consists of the Premier’s Pakistan Business. Other obtained assets are the six gas fields including Zamzama, Bhadra, Qadirpur, Kadanwari, Bhit, and Zarghun South. The company has also acquired two licenses of exploration by the Government of Pakistan for their two blocks namely, BASKA-NORTH (KPK) and POTWAR-SOUTH (Punjab). The company has also launched the exploration in these two blocks.

3. Al-Haj Metallic Industry / Al-Haj TEX Industries Limited

In 1992, the Al-Haj Metallic industry was introduced in Peshawar. This industry has been generating metallic yarn for the Pakistani markets.

4. Al-Haj Real Estate Solutions

For almost 40 years, Al-Haj groups have been constantly working in the land development business too. It has marketed several projects and has completed various commercial buildings, housing & community projects, and educational institutions. Due to fulfilling the customer’s needs and demands, Al-Haj Real Estate Solutions is now known to be one of the prestigious real estate entities of Pakistan.

5. Al-Haj Asia Star Steel Company

Al-Haj group has started the Steel Pellets & Roll-bar supply and manufacturing unit with the collaboration of a Chinese firm in the year 2014 in KPK. The production plant of the company has derived its focus mainly on the processing and production of steel and hot metal and also rolled products production. It works to increase the efficiency of steel and other metals and thus it stands high among the other Steel Companies of Asia.

6. AL-HAJ Tires

Due to continuous success and support in the other sectors, Al-Haj then shifted its focus towards the manufacture of high-quality tires too. Al-Haj group has signed a TLA with “Double Star”, which is a leading tire company in China. The main motto behind this collaboration is to satisfy the needs and demands of the growing tire industry and market of Pakistan.


1. AL-HAJ Bus Company (Private) Limited

2. AL-HAJ FAW Motors (Private) Limited



3. AL-HAJ Hyundai (Private) Limited

4. AL-HAJ Automotive (Private) Limited






Mr.Azam Khan
Chief Executive Officer
Muhammad Shahzad
Managing Director
Mr.Azam Khan
Chief Executive Officer
Muhammad Shahzad
Managing Director